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  • Democracy Now: She's Baldly Lying

    Dana Frank: "She's baldly lying."

    Democracy Now Interview Focused on Clinton’s Role in the Honduran Coup. Dana Frank responds to Hillary Clinton’s defense of her role in the Coup.

    TIME: 17:04

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  • Actress Rosario Dawson on Why She Supports Sanders for President Over Clinton

    Rosario Dawson: It's a Revolution

    Democracy Now interviews actress/activist Rosario Dawson on why she supports Sanders for president over Clinton.

    TIME: 12:42

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  • Birdie Sanders

    Birdie Sanders in Portland

    During a rally in Portland, a bird lands on Bernie's lectern and the crowd goes wild. The look on Bernie's face as he gives the bird its moment is priceless.

    TIME: 1:15

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  • Remember

    Boomers: Remember

    Bernie Sanders has been a voice for change both for the generation of the 60s and 70s, as well as for today's young generations.

    TIME: 1:12

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  • Bernie Sanders crowd

    Which candidate is REALLY electable?

    A February Quinnipiac poll show that Bernie beats EVERY GOP candidate handily, and that Hillary loses to ALL of the same candidates except Trump, who she beats by only 1%.

    TIME: 9:05

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  • Tim Black

    Why Did the Private Prison Lobby Donate to Hillary's Campaign?

    Listen to a compelling explanation in very clear and entertaining terms as Tim Black breaks it down.

    TIME: 3:46

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  • Robert Reich

    6 Responses to Bernie Skeptics in 3 Minutes

    Economist Robert Reich dispels six frequently heard reasons why Bernie's candidacy is not viable.

    TIME: 3:29

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  • Bernie Sanders

    Clinton Attacks Show That They're Afraid

    We see through those attacks that are funded by Super PACs and we know that you see through them, too.

    TIME: 2:37

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  • progressive agenda

    Bernie Sanders outlines a progressive agenda for America

    Bernie sends a strong message: “This campaign is going to send a message to the billionaire class. You can't have it all!”

    TIME: 5:12

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YOU have an opportunity to play a critical role in a political revolution, one that can change the direction of government and return it to serving the interests of ordinary people.

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